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Are you explorer? Do you like discovering secrets of the past?

If yes, our region is perfect place for you with a lot of unusual places:

  • near Kamień lake, 2 km from Człopa there is a borough from 10th century. According to historians the owner of the borough was duke Dzierżykraj
  • along valley of Cieszynka river there is a red trail from Człopa to old settlement Pustelnia
  • in near-by Tuczno there is a castle, which history comes from 14th century. During the second World War the castle was the part of german fortification line (known as Wał Pomorski). The Building burned down in 1947. In 1950s it was partially rebuilt. Nowadays in renovated castle there are conference centre, hotel and restaurant with polish cuisine, but also SARP (the house of polish architects).
  • Wał Pomorski – german fortification line was built in 1930s of 20th century. The task of fortification was to protect western Pomerania against polish army’s attack. Not far from here you can see the most interesting part of the fortification called „Cegielnia” fortified group, also known as Hitler’s hat.